Our mobile Coils equip Speakers AUDAX.

Below some standard diameter voice coils AUDAX.

Ø 19 mm Ø 20 mm Ø 25 mm Ø 30 mm Ø 38 mm

Ø 45 mm Ø 66 mm Ø 100 mm

Several combinations of wires and supports are offered:

Aluminum support: it offers the advantage of an excellent thermal dissipation associated with the round copper wire.

Support Kapton: Associated with round copper wire. It offers excellent heat resistance.

Kapton backing reinforced fiberglass: Combined with flat copper wire wound on edge designed for high-end transducers.

Titanium Support: Cutting edge technology for high-end transducer associated with 4 layers of round wire windings

Wide selection.

Each quote request although we specify your dimensions according to the standard model.

Ø coil / DC resistance / coil height / Copper wire or Alu / round wire or flat / Nature support / total height of the core.

The coil order is only possible on accepted estimate.

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Custom coil

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