SOMMER cable

SOMMER cable

SOMMER cable develops and manufactures excellent quality cables as well as high-end products for the audio, video, radio and television broadcasting, and studio and media technology sectors.

In recent years, audio products have gained in complexity and acoustic performance, making it harder for cable manufacturers. Cables are no longer just an essential element for followers of esotericism or dreamers, but also for manufacturers of instruments, technical equipment for studios and technical installations for the media. Even the novice suddenly knows how to feel and hear a modified sound and no longer relies solely on his strength of imagination and subjective judgment.

For SOMMER cable, this development constitutes a major challenge because suddenly the “technical characteristics” become audible. And, by extension, they become verifiable. For a company like SOMMER cable, this point is a real asset: quality is recognized and appreciated in its essence by all its customers. But its mission is not only limited to manufacturing excellent quality cables.

It is also important to him to offer you a clear and complete overview of his products, because at Sommer cable “transparency is essential in the evaluation of quality. "