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French manufacturer of PA speakers since 2010, Elokance has
immediately met with enormous success in the DeeJaying markets,
Disco-mobile and fixed installations thanks to its Elo series, reliable scalable systems
and design.
Since then, the brand has been able to innovate and respond to new needs.

ELOKANCE now offers a large catalog: including the STAGE range

The Stage System series has been clearly conceived and designed to meet the requirements and standards of fixed sound reinforcement.
The vertical design of the satellites with 8 in-line speakers per side ensures a powerful, homogeneous broadcast.
This system is particularly effective on the main facade during your concerts, indoors or outdoors.
These systems have 4 subwoofers ensuring a faithful and powerful reproduction of low frequencies.
With a total of over 7200W for the Stage 15 System and over 8800W for the Stage 18 System, all in independent amplification, the Stage Systems will give you a result exceptionally efficient.

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Elokance Stage 15/en

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